Owner Relations

Important Information

All address updates must be submitted in writing. Please mail, fax, or email it to our office.
Please include the old address as well as the new address with your Owner name & Owner number if you know it.

Legal documentation is required for name change, i.e … marriage certificate, divorce decree. & Also, a copy of updated driver’s license.

Please send a copy of Amended Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of name change, or Certificate of Merger along with Tax I.D. number.

Please provide our office a Copy of Power of Attorney document or Agency Agreement.

All Documents must be filed in ALL of the counties where the mineral interest properties are located.
Certified Death Certificate is also required with the death of any party involved.

Acceptable documents are as follows: Conveyance, Mineral Deed, Quit Claim Deed, Divorce Decree with attached Settlement Agreement, Trust or partnership Agreement, Joint Tenant or Affidavit of Surviving Joint Tenant, Affidavit of Remaindermen, Final Decree of Distribution, Ancillary Probate Proceeding, Finalized Probate, Affidavit of Heirship, Letters of Testamentary, Copy of Last Will & Testament, Letter in lieu of division order.

County Clerk Information

In the counties we service, it is important that you have all the information you can get. This list of county clerks will help you get further information regarding legal documents.

PO Box 68
Anadarko, OK 73005

PO Box 1236
Ardmore, OK 73402

315 SW 5th
Lawton, OK 73501

301 N. Broadway
Walters, OK 73572

PO Box 926
Pauls Valley, OK 73705

PO Box 1009
Chickasha, OK 73023

PO Box 629
Purcell, OK 73080

101 S. 11th St. Rm 203
Duncan, OK 73533

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a comprehensive list of questions that you might have about your properties and/or payments. If you do not find the information you need here, please call us and we will be happy to ensure that your questions are answered.

Payments are mailed/direct deposited on the 25th day of each month, unless that day is a weekend or holiday. In that case, the
payment is sent the previous business day. Revenue checks are mailed to all owners with a balance due to them of $25.00 or more.
If the balance on your account is less than $25.00 the funds will remain in your account until it reaches $25.00 or until the end of
the year when the Annual disbursement occurs. Annual check disbursement in November has no minimum dollar amount.

Yes. We can change your account to issue a check to you no matter what the minimum is, or you can elect to only be paid once per year (in December) instead of receiving a monthly check.

Please fill out the direct deposit form and send it to our office with a copy of a voided check.

Please mark the check Void & send it back to our office. We can then re-issue it with the next monthly payout.

Please fill out a new direct deposit form & send it in with a copy of your new voided check.

A check detail “KEY” is located on this site to explain the different sections of the check detail.

Either your account has not reached the $25.00 minimum, or we did not purchase any oil from the lease where you have mineral interest. It is also possible we may not have your correct address if you have recently moved.

Since we are only the oil purchaser, we only have information on the loads of oil we have picked up. We do not have any status updates on actual leases. You must contact the Operator of that lease for any information.

We receive the division of interest from the operator of the lease. In most cases, they do not provide our office with information about acreage of the property. If there is a discrepancy with your interest decimal, you must contact the operator or if you have legal documentation involving the transfer of interest you can send it to our office for update. If your interest was transferred to you from a previous owner, the information came from legal documentation filed at the appropriate county court.

In most cases if your full name & address is provided on documents you don’t have to list your number. It is also located on the top right hand corner of your check detail or it should be on your original division order. We can also provide you with the number at any time if you contact our office.

You received a Division Order because EnerWest Trading Co., LC has begun purchasing oil that you have a mineral interest in, or because someone has filed legal documentation to transfer all or part of their mineral interest to you.

We will not accept a hand-written request to transfer ownership.
Please see below for a list of legal documents acceptable for making a transfer:

Transfer of Ownership
Transfer on Death
Disclaimer of Interest

Some owners elect to have multiple owner numbers for their personal record keeping.
If you happen to have more than one and wish to consolidate them to one number, we can do that if you request that in writing.

After 5 years if we have been unsuccessful at reaching you or a next of kin, we are required to turn over all accumulated funds to Oklahoma Unclaimed Property division. With provided documentation, we can make an ownership transfer going forward, or if the person of interest is still living we can release any funds we have held if a w-9 form is submitted to our office.

Unclaimed Property Form
W9 Form

For funds already released to the Unclaimed property division you must work directly with their office to receive those funds.

1099’s are mailed to the address we have on file for you by January 31 every year. If you need an additional copy please contact our office and we can send you another copy.
Your account yearly total must have accumulated $10.00 or more for us to report the income & generate a 1099 for you.

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