About EnerWest

Customer Service

Price is important. But we earn Customer loyalty through consistently delivering on promises. Customer satisfaction is immensely important to us and creates evangelists for our brand once achieved. Our owners are personally involved with the day-to-day operations to ensure that EnerWest maintains its spotless reputation for taking care of customers and staff.

Community Involvement

EnerWest values its responsibilities as a corporate citizen by participating in a wide range of community causes, charities and non-profit programs. We believe in giving back to the communities we serve and are proud supporters of the following incredible organizations:

Additionally, various area fire departments, local schools and religious organizations.

History of EnerWest

Cattle drives once ruled this rustic stretch of the Chisholm trail, paving the way for early Pioneers to venture into the Western fringe of Indian Territory in the 1870’s, forming a crossroad that eventually became the town of Duncan, Oklahoma. Less than 40 years would pass before the town’s main commerce would evolve from cattle into oil. It was that industry, and the spirit of the people that built it, that would eventually give rise to EnerWest.

Established in 1991, EnerWest Trading Trading Co., L.C. began as a way to give Oklahoma independent producers much needed access to crude oil marketing and expanded services across Southern Oklahoma and North Texas. Located in Duncan, Oklahoma, EnerWest operates its own fleet of trucks and pipeline terminals with a skilled team of professional drivers and support staff. Customer satisfaction has grown EnerWest into one of the most sought after crude oil purchasers in the region.

EnerWest now operates eleven pipeline terminal stations and utilizes five non-operated stations, a combined storage capacity of over 40,000 Barrels. Pipeline access, combined with a dependable fleet of trucks allows EnerWest Trading Co. to meet, and exceed, customer demands faster and more efficiently than anyone in the region.

dedicated staff

While everyone hopes everything goes smoothly, it doesn’t always pan out. That’s when an experienced and dedicated staff brings the most outstanding value to our Customers.

The EnerWest Office staff have over 200 combined years of experience in the oil & gas industry. Our Schedulers and Drivers have delivered prompt, dependable, and, most importantly, courteous service for over 32 years. With our professional team of Mechanics, EnerWest can maintain the highest standards of safety and efficiency to go the distance in customer satisfaction long after every other transport has gone home.


EnerWest prides itself on the quality of partnerships we have built over the years. This comes with cooperation and trust.

We are here for you